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Marble is a versatile, fairly homogenous and durable calcium carbonate rock with a wide range of colors. The colors arise from various minerals leeching into limestone - many marbles are limestones - that metamorphose (transform) from exposure to heat, pressure, and water. Usually, marble has a polished finish; yet, marble can be customized to a honed finish. The stone is not as durable as granite, but it is suitable in most any area in the home.

Its care:

If polished, marbles are susceptible to two major blemishes: scratches and etches. Scratches are caused by dirt and sand tracked through a home. Etches are caused when an acidic or caustic liquid comes into contact with the calcium in the stone leaving a dull, whitish mark. With professional care, both problems are easily remedied.  Usually maintenance is needed every 1 - 3 years depending upon wear, location, type, and care.

  • All marble should be sealed.
  • Neutral pH stone soap is best even for daily cleaning.
  • White, plain bleach can be used on heavier soils and greasy film.
  • Always test cleaners in an inconspicuous area and ensure to follow directions.
  • Floor mats, especially those made of natural fibers, will reduce scratches.
  • Use vacuums with soft brush attachments to remove dirt and debris prior to mopping.
  • Tumbled marble is treated similarly.  Care must be taken to keep its wider joints clean.  Scrub brushes are helpful.

Marble Maintenance, Cleaning & Repair

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Paley Stone and Tile Forensics provides expert stone and tile assessment,  evaluation, consulting and remediation for natural stone installations.  Our services range from natural stone inspections and stone failure assessments to providing expert witness testimony.